Our elegant and delicious cookies from our bakery and pastry shoppe make
the perfect addition to your party or quiet day at home. Our Italian cookies
are so sweet and very coffee complimenting. We are sure your family and friends
will adore them.




Chimirris Almond Mac Cookie Image Almond Mac
Chimirris Almond Slice Cookie Image Almond Slice
Chimirris Ammaretti Cookie Image Ammaretti (Plain Almond)
Chimirris Butter Cookie Image Butter
Chimirris Cannalie Cookie Image Cannalie
Chimirris Cherry Mac Cookie Image Cherry Mac
Chimirris Chocolate Kiss Cookie Image Chocolate Kiss
Chimirris Coconut Cookie Image Coconut
Chimirris Fig Cookie Image Fig Cookie
Chimirris Linzer Tart Cookie Image Linzer Tart
Chimirris Peanutter Cookie Image Peanutter
Chimirris Rainbow Layer Cookie Image Rainbow Layer
Chimirris Raspberry And Appricot Pocket Cookie Image Raspberry & Appricot Pocket
Chimirris Sliced Nuts Cookie Image Sliced Nuts
Chimirris Strawberry And Pistachio Leaf Cookie Image Strawberry & Pistachio Leaf
Chimirris Toto Cookie Image Toto
Chimirris Vanilla Kiss Cookie Image Vanilla Kiss
Chimirris Vanilla And Chocolate Florentine Cookie Image Vanilla & Chocolate Florentine























































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